Saturday, October 20, 2007

We've Got a Talker on our Hands, Folks!

So Sierra started talking. It's been a few weeks since she's really been talking (since the beginning of October) but it hasn't been until today that I've been able to capture her on film. Check her out!

She is SO cute! She talks EVERYWHERE now! She talked to me (mandy) at the end of September one Sunday for like 45 minutes. I would make a sound and she would make a bunch of them, just like the video, but for 45 MINUTES! Amazing! Seriously, it was SO cool! The night we left for Florida she talked to Joe in a real converastion and imitated every sound he made, literally. He would say, "Oh, oh, oh", and she would say, "oh, oh, oh". He would say "Ah, ah", and she would say "Ah, ah". It was amazing. Today she woke up on her own and I found her talking to herself in her crib.

We have a baby mirror in the car so that we can see her and she can see us if we turn around and look in the mirror. It has a monkey on it. She'll stare up at Mr. Monkey and talk to him every time we are in the car too...

She is just a developmental machine! On Thursday she discovered her hands and it was amazing that I saw her looking at them. I was pumping gas looking at her through the back window and she was just staring, fascinated, at her hands. It was the first time I had ever seen her do that. Then yesterday she was out with Joe all day and he said she didn't stop looking at them all day.

Our little baby is growing up and it is so fun to watch, she's just SO cute. She fixes on things now and I don't know when that happened but it seemed like she was going to have eye problems because she was supposed to be looking at us and she wasn't and it was so frustrating. I would say, "Ok Sierra, look at me and I'll feed you", but that never worked. But sometime within the last month she's been fixing on things and looking at everything. She'll follow anything you hold in front of her face anywhere you move it, and today I layed her on the floor and walked behind her and she moved her head to look where I was going. She's so cool!

And just look at her. She's so soft and cuddly. I mean, how could you not love this face; those cheeks, those eyes, those chubby little legs. She looks like one of those wrinkley dogs. I love her!

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