Sunday, April 27, 2008


I'm trying to figure out how to make this blog a little more pleasing to the eye because it has looked pretty generic. Bear with us and let us know now if you love (yay!) or hate (arrgh!) something we've changed!

I Can be Cute...See!

Sierra is so freakin' happy all the time and it's taken her FOR-EV-ER to start laughing (which she's been doing for a bit now like a big girl). She used to pant like a dog or cough which we discovered was a form of laughter for her but I've never caught it on video until today. We were playing peek-a-boo with her looking for me over the side of her crib and laughing hysterically (is that how you spell that?) when she could finally see me again...

She's so freakin' cute, I could eat her face!

The Many Psycho Faces of Sierra Smith

We must admit that Sierra is one cute kid...except when she does this...

And this...or, this?...

And of course hopefully she'll learn (no thanks to her dad) that the following are not very becoming either.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random Cutenesses

Just a few pics I couldn't not share. She's getting so big...

This is Mommy and Me stay home from work day! So much fun.

Girlfriend had some, still has some, crazy diaper rash so all weekend ( this is so old that "all weekend" means like a month ago) she hung out in her birthday suit, even though it was Easter, and just showed us tricks all day. She is SO talented:

St. Patrick's Day was fun. It was dress Sierra up like a boy day! Oh my gosh, my little baby looks like a boy! I can't help it that she doesn't have any hair! I bought this super cute shirt that says "I'm Charming" on it, and coupled with jeans she looks like a hot little man. Joe always wanted a boy so now he has the best of both worlds. Girl one day and boy the next. Am I giving my kid a complex?!

This is all TOTALLY RANDOM did I mention that?
So Girlfriend has a cute little boy friend. Yes, those are two separate words. Boy...friend. Not boyfriend. Jones Raisor is her little friend, we've featured him as the super baby on our blog before. Remember? The one that crawls monkey style who is 2 days older than Sierra and who is about to start walking any day now when Sierra isn't even crawling? Yeah, that's the one. They are so cute together. He tries to steal her toys and she mauls his face with her little hands. Adorable.

Joe is going to kill me for putting this picture up but I think she looks like a little freak, in a cute way. This is what you get when you mix chocolate and picture taking. Are we bad parents for putting up fugly pics of our kid? (ok, am I a bad parent?)

Last but certainly not least, and I promise I'll be more diligent...Sierra's big new trick that she'll never do again because she's so lazy! Her daddy is SO PROUD of this. "Ta-Da! Here I am! Look at me!" She's so awesome! And what a cute bum too! (don't stare pervs!)