Monday, December 31, 2007

I Love Santa!

Joe took Sierra to sit on Santa's lap last week. Yes I am a bad mother, I couldn't go because I was working but my fabulous husband was a champ and got it done. She is so cute I could just Eat her UP!

This is the REAL Santa too! 25 years at North Dekalb Mall. He's the real deal. Joe used to get his picture taken with this Santa. So precious that he's still there to get a pic with Sierra.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Baby's 1st Christmas

So Sierra is only five and a half months old so Christmas wasn't that exciting for her. It was more exciting for me because I got to open all her presents! I LOVED it! I think baby toys are so fun! The best part of the holiday was (and I know I'm supposed to say family) that I was off work for a whole week and it was GREAT! I loved hanging out with Joe and his family and Sierra and I FINALLY got to read the final Harry Potter book! I have not read one of them, I usually listen to them on CD (yes, I am lazy!), but I read it and I loved it!

So here are some holiday highlights...

We went to Florida for the holiday. Really wanted to get in the Christmas spirit so we though 90 degree weather would do the trick. ;)

We went to the beach twice, Sierra's 2nd and 3rd visit. She wore her pretty little white sun dress, her pink bathing suit, pink crocs and darling bonnet. She was so cute and dressed to impress!

We hung out and watched the boys play in the surf.

We love sporting our sun glasses.

She didn't go in the water this trip or even get in the sun that much (yes, she has an overprotective mother) but I don't want her in the sun with such fragile skin. She's just too precious to burn. We did get her into the arms of her extremely handsome daddy by the water though. Maybe next trip she'll actually go in.

After such a hard time at the beach and playing with her 3 uncles, 1 aunt, and 2 cousins, she was wiped (like every day) so she would stretch out 3 times a day just to take a little snooze to rejuvenate. Gosh she's cute!

She had a great time with Jayden who, once again, wanted to touch her at every opportunity. She would reach her hands out and grab Sierra's face and ears and just about anything she could get her hands on, in a good way, but still, they haven't learned how to play nice yet. But they sure are cute. Jayden is 10 months and I think Sierra could take her...their size differential is minimal, anyway.

The main event in Florida was Christmas, Sierra's very first. As my family tradition goes, Santa leaves our stockings by our beds in the morning, so when Sierra woke up on Christmas morning she had her very first stocking propped by her bed. And yes, I made myself, Sierra, and Joe stockings with the instructional help of my mom, but I sewed those suckers all by myself and I am SO proud, enough of that. Sierra loved it, as you can see.

She wasn't too into her presents, but I was! I loved opening her presents! She got some GREAT stuff! She did however, LOVE the wrapping paper, with our baby you could give her anything and it would end up in her mouth, just like this poor stocking that Grandma Paula made for her. (don't worry, I'll get some wrapping paper action shots up here soon) .

Ms. Pat got her a barking, singing dog that she goes crazy for. I think this toy is the one that will make her crawl because when it goes off and she's laying on her stomach, she'll kick and push her feet and move like a millimeter because she just gets so excited!

We had a great time in Florida, but after 5 days we were ready to come home. We got to celebrate all over again with my family. Pictures from that to come...they are good!

Monday, December 24, 2007

So it's...

Christmas Eve and we are in Florida. It's 85 degrees and we were at the beach today. Doesn't even really feel like Christmas. Of course, it's 76 degrees in Georgia today, so we are glad to be at the beach.

We wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. If you are our nearest and dearest you probably saw our Christmas virtual card, if not, check your email for the link. Merry Christmas, we love you all. Really, REALLY cute pictures of Sierra to follow. Her first picture with Santa (she was SO cute!), her 2nd trip to the beach, her first Christmas, her darling dresses, and so much more.

Love you all,

The Smiths

Monday, December 10, 2007

Roly Poly

Sierra is just full of new tricks! Little Si Si has been laying on her side in her sleep for like 2 months now. At 3 months I thought my little baby was just going to roll herself over but of course she didn't. Check her out in her favorite sleep position...

So, we've seen barely any attempts to roll over while she's playing on her blanket. She kicks her legs a lot but no sideways action ever, ever, ever in the day time...maybe once, perhaps. So we've been asking her if she'd like to roll over and we practice going from her back to her front. Yeah, she's not feeling it, ever. She's not super fond of tummy time. She does great until she realizes that her hands are as accessible on her stomach as on her back so when the mouth finds the hands her face is just down in the blanket and there is no return.

Well, I came home from work today and Sierra was in a great mood, as always (thank you Babywise) when I got her up from her nap. She shrieked a bit at us while I did some unwinding with her and Joe, and then she and I went to the living room to play. She was lovin' life (yes, that means she was naked, except for her diaper) and enjoying her naked feet. Well, I was just sitting there watching her, not interferring in all the fun she was having, and all of a sudden, her feet went up to her hands, she turned on her side, then she put her legs in a scissor kick, put one arm down by her side, and rolled over! My little baby rolled over all by herself! She turned to face me and got the biggest smile on her face! I was the first one to see her roll over! I was afraid I would miss all the "firsts" when I went back to work. Oh my gosh, it was so awesome! I got all teary (i'm a nerd, I know) but it was awesome!

So Joe runs out of the bedroom, camera in tow, trying to catch her on video with her new trick and she just laid there staring at him. 45 minutes later we put her in her crib to see if she'd do it and sure enough we go this video, the 2nd time rolling over. Gosh she's cute!

My baby girl is all grown up!

Turn up the Volume

So Sierra learned a new trick yesterday! Yeah, yeah, so she's sideways in the video, so what! Turn your heads, or the screen, but really just turn the volume up so that you can hear her. Silly baby.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Snow Bunny

I know my kid is cute (admit it! She's cute) but I never new just HOW cute she actually is until I found this hat for her! Oh my gosh! She's so cute! We leave so very early in the morning and her bald little head just needed some cover so I finally found a hat that was big enough for her HUGE head. She had a cute cap, knit-thinger but she outgrew it and all the little baby 0-9 month one size fits all (yeah right) didn't fit her. So I FINALLY found this hat and for the first time her little head is cute. I mean, she looks like a real girl instead of a bald-headed (really cute) baby..."girl, right?", people say to me. She is so delicious! I could just eat her up!