Monday, July 21, 2008

Hippo Walk

This little guy has been sitting in our living room lonely and waiting ever so patiently for Sierra to give him a whirl. She's finally stable enough to go with it instead of tumbling to her death when he speeds away from her.

Gosh she's cute.

First Steps

Sierra has been trying to be mobile for a couple of weeks now. She'll take steps here and there. We think her first real, major, honest to goodness step was July 7. We were in our living room and Joe said,"I think that was her 1st step..." Whether we are right or not is a different story but that's what we are going with.

So here's a video in all her glory on July 20 after we celebrated her birthday showing off for the camera. (mom, this is for you!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Oh my gosh, she is the cutest thing ever!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME! I'm 1! I'm 1! I'm 1!

Today I am 1! I'm a big girl! I'm a big girl! Let me tell you all about my day...

I got woke up by my favorite Mommy and I got to have my breakfast bottle with my favorite Daddy! It was awesome! He snuggled me and loved me and I never snuggle and love (i'm not the cuddly type), but I thought since it was my birthday I would snuggle my Daddy while I had my bottle.

Next I got all dressed up in my "Fun to be One" birthday hat and my pink dress and then the most awful thing happened...Momma took me to the doctor! Everyone thought I was SO CUTE and everyone told me "Happy Birthday" but then I had to get 3, count them 1-2-3 shots in my legs! AND they took blood out of my foot! Can you believe that?! On my birthday! It was sucky!
Then I got to spend the WHOLE day with my Uncle Josh! I slept A LOT because I was exhausted from my trip to Las Vegas (that Mommy probably won't blog about for like 3 months) but we played a lot too! I LOVE playing withUncle Josh!

When Mommy FINALLY got home from work we got the party started...ok, let's be real, everyone is out of town and Daddy goes to school at night so I'm having a month long birthday celebration and today was just the beginning. I didn't get any presents (that will come later) but I did get to go to dinner with Mommy and Papa Ron!

I got my own highchair with a special birthday balloon on it and I got to order all by myself! I ordered beans and rice. (my Daddy is going to love my diapers tomorrow!)

I got to eat all the chips and salsa that I wanted. I LOVE chips and salsa! They are so delicious! I sort of made a mess on the floor but the muchachos didn't mind because I am so dang cute!

Since it is my special day Mommy and Papa Ron were at my beck and call. Everything I pointed at they gave me. See...that's my pointing...mostly at Momma's water because I love, Love, LOVE water out of a straw. But I pointed (and grunted, of course) at other things like Momma's food, chips, and salsa. Oh, and the lemons in the water of course! I LOVE lemons. They taste silly on my tongue!

In the middle of dinner Grandma called and I got to talk to her! I miss her. She's in Nauvoo for 6 whole weeks and she can't see me but she called me to wish me a happy birthday! It was a great surprise! -Excuse the food on my chin! I was so excited I forgot to wipe it off! How rude of me!

I got a little excited at dinner and started acting really, really silly as you can see. I started sticking my tongue out at everything, even the ceiling fan! I was so silly that I even started laughing at myself.
I don't know how I got so funny...probably from my Mommy? (at least that's what Daddy would say)

The best part of the dinner was the sopapilla! The head muchacho brought it to me and I even got a candle and everything! I'll learn, someday, that candles are for blowing out and not for touching. I almost got hurt as I was making my wish but Mommy saved the day! She's the best! And boy was this stuff d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! I ate and ate and ate! Yummy!

I'm so glad Papa Ron could hang out with me today! He's the best Papa Ron in the whole world and I love him!

I really had a great birthday! When I got home there was a HUGE bouquet of Happy Birthday to me balloons and I was so excited about that! I LOVE BALLOONS! They are so tight!

I finished off the night by reading one of my favorite books with Mommy. Well, she kind of sings some words out of the book while I look at the pictures...see, I told you we are silly!

Soon I will have my party and some cake and open the presents from everyone! Now that's a story worth waiting for...

Happy Birthday to ME! I'm 1! I'm 1! I'm 1!