Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This Little Piggy...

Our little Sierra just can't get enough of her toes. Any opportunity she has to suck on them, she does. At first it was just naked piggies, now it's naked, socked, dirty, clean, whatever. She just wants them in her mouth ALL THE TIME. After playing with them for a month she finally realized that she could contort her body enough to suck on her big toe and as if that's not enough she'll add a finger in there just to have everything she needs right in her mouth! I must admit...that it is the CUTEST THING that I have ever seen. So flexible, Sierra Smith!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Our daughter is a freak, and we mean this in the most loving of ways. This week, we decided to by her one of the ever popular Bumbo seats, but the generic one, BeBe Pod. Supposedly it's supposed to help babies develop their back and neck muscles on their quest to sit erect. Sierra love, Love, LOVES to sit up, with our help of course. She gets bored just laying around looking at the lights and all the toys we hang in her face. She loves for us to lay by her and talk to her and play with her but we figured she could be a more intregal part of the family and participate in sitting up activities with us like eating dinner or cooking, ya know, stuff like that. So we got it for her and she liked it at first but she's not digging it, probably because she's crazy and can't sit in it right.

Here she is on Thanksgiving. She just sort of sits in it and then slouches to one side. Her butt goes one way and her shoulders go another. It's really funny. Today she reached for a toy on the bed while in her seat and she was completely hanging out of the chair but totally content just hanging there. So we'll see how she likes this chair for now. Hopefully it will help her on her journey of life, but really we just want her to sit up unassisted because she loves looking at the world and if the Bumbo can't help her then what can?

I love to pee!

So we were late to church today because Dingleberry here decided it would be funny to pee on herself as soon as daddy took her diaper off to change her. Usually she doesn't saturate herself but, she did, and it went all up her back and into her not-hair. (Nasty!) So, Joe decided to put her in the shower. Her first shower! Oh my gosh, our baby cracks us up!

Friday, November 23, 2007

(Side) Sleeping Beauty

This girl needs to learn how to roll over! For almost 6 weeks now she has been sleeping on her side like this. Let me tell you, the first time I went in to check on her and found her like this I just about died. I got frantic and thought she would roll over in her sleep, smother her face, and not be strong enough to turn it to the side to breath.
Just one Wednesday though (Dec 5 - I'm publishing this sort of late after the initial idea) she rolled half over while she was awake, which she just does not do. I was shocked...more so that i was there for it (give me a break!, I'm a working mom) than anything else. It was awesome! Her little legs were moving and then they just turned to the side. Her face was turned, cheek to the blanket, and gosh, if her little arm wasn't in the way and attached to her body, she would have made it! So we'll see how long it takes her from this half roll, in the day time, to actually do it. And it typical Sierra fashion, she'll do it once and then not again for awhile.


Sierra found her feet a few weeks ago and it is the cutest thing, just like everything else she does. She's usually not this grabby with her feet because she's usually way more into them when she doesn't have her pants on. Don't ask me why. She can even get them all the way up to her face and suck on her toes. She is such a sick-o but it is sort of cute, in a gross way. Who am I kidding? I used to suck on my toes I am sure. She drools alot, ALOT, as you can see from the pictures, so anything she can get in her mouth to gnaw on, she does. It is quite adorable until you realize she has a ball of spit in her hand ready to give to you, or until you realize that her outfit is completely drenched with saliva. She LOVES touching your face too so it's oh so nice after she's had her hands in her mouth and they are caked with spit and she decides to love your face. Like I said, what a little sick-o.

Check her out up close and personal.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Playing Catch Up!

I am SO behind in my blogs. There just isn't enough time in the day for everything. So let's play catch up on my Sweetness, Sierra and check out all the fun things we have been up to.

So Halloween was Sierra's first holiday. She's our little Bug Bug so it was only fitting that she was a Ladybug for the occassion. Courtesy of Grandma of course.

We have been watching UGA football every weekend and Sierra LOVES to watch football with her daddy. He scares the you know what out of her every time Georiga scores a touchdown but she's a Big fan.

We are getting ready for our trip to Cancun. If I make my sales goal for the year then we get to go on the Omni Sales Incentive trip to Cancun! Viva la Mexico! So Sierra has been trying on suits (ok, just this one) to make sure she looks goooooood catching some sun on the beach. Grandma picked this out for her. She is the cutest little thing. A baby girl can't be without a bathing suit!
We applied for Sierra's passport last week and she look fabulous in her picture. Did you know you're not allowed to smile with your teeth in passport pictures anymore? Appearantly it distorts your face and that's just not allowed. Lame! So she couldn't smile but she was looking awesome!

We need to get her some floaties. She already loves to bath so I don't think she'll love the swimming pool too if the temperature is right. She'll be the cutest girl there by far!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


My mom is SO hilarious! We are lucky enough to have my parents (both sets) live nearby to us and my mom watches Sierra for us while Joe is at school and I am at work, which turns out to be ALOT of the time. I always wonder what they do all day and now I know. Apperantly they have more fun at Grandma's house than we originally thought.

This is Sierra, with a CREEPY, Chucky looking face, with my mom's doll from childhood, Candy Cane. (I'm actually surprised they aren't wearing matching outfits!
What makes this pictures so sick and wrong (in a good way Mom) is that she DID dress me up when I was a baby with Candy Cane and posed me with her. Believe me, this isn't the only picture I have like this. At least Sierra looks cute. I just have a "DUH" type look on my face but Sierra looks nuts! She is so cute though. She looks like such a big girl and like she's up to no good. (11 weeks)

"my" look-alikes?

this is me when i was 6 months old!
and these are my celebrity look-alikes!