Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So this weekend we took our first road trip with Sierra down to Florida to Joe's family's house in West Palm. Aaron, his really cool and really attractive (but definately not as attractive as my husband), fresh off the mission, really needs a girlfriend at BYU, younger brother just got off the mish from England. Joe hasn't seen him obviously in 2 years and I have never met him so we made the trip with 3 month old Sierra in tow. Let me tell you all about our little trip.
Well...we left last Friday morning REALLY, REALLY early at 2 a.m. We thought we were being smart in our planning because it's an 8 hour drive, we wanted to miss traffic, and we wanted to maximize Sierra's sleep time so we wouldn't have any surprises for our first time on the road with her. Why didn't we leave earlier do you ask? Well...I work all day long and Joe goes to school all day long so we needed to catch some zzz's before heading out.
Off we went at 2 a.m. By 6:30 a.m. we were barely into FL and we were stuck in killer traffic. This is how we passed the time...

We played with Sierra for a bit. She was supposed to be sleeping but I think the stop and go woke her up and she wasn't going to miss all the fun. Little did she know that we'd be sitting there looking at her for 2 hours. So what did we do besides look at how cute she is do you ask? Well...

We taught her how to drive of course. I think she's a pretty quite study because she was doing great in the stop and go traffic we were in for, did I mention, 2 HOURS! She has a hard time with the pedals but her steering skills aren't half bad ya know, for a 3 month old.

We FINALLY got to West Palm, 11 hours later, checked into the hotel and had no time to relax before we were on the go. Exhausted but on the go. Sierra met all sorts of people on our trip.

Great-Grandma Paula,

Her cousin Jayden (who tried to attack her) and her Aunt Dianna, her Uncle Aaron, and TONS of Grandma Leigh Ann and Grandpa Jim's friends. Aaron's Homecoming shindig was Sunday night so EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER was ooooing and aaahhhing over Sierra. It was really cute and for being passed around so much she did surprisingly well.

So the whole weekend we just hung out and played. We went to Brian's (Joe's youngest brother) band competition on Saturday night. We went to Clay and Marcie's house for dinner on Friday night and met that part of Joe's family. They are the nicest people and we had SO much fun down there. Nothing brings a family together like BBQ and chocolate cake. Mmmmm...chocolate!

On Saturday we went to the beach. Sierra's first time at the beach. We weren't there very long because I forgot her bathing suit (yes, she does have one!) and it was sorta windy for her so we went for a bit to watch Joe and Aaron battle the waves and then we left.

We had a really fun time on our trip. It was a short time to drive such a long way. Sierra was such a trooper. The ride home was a bit rough becuase it was during the day and she pooed her pants REALLY BAD on one leg and she didn't know it until we stopped at Chick-fil-A and took her out of the car. ALL UP HER BACK! She just LOVES overflowing her diaper. She's so silly.
But we made it back in one piece and maybe we'll make the trip again...some day.


seangates said...

Great pictures.

You can never go on a trip without a blowout ... a poopy diaper blowout that is.

Joe, Mandy & Sierra Smith said...

Sean, where are you! We need you...and we need you to do a freakin' blog because it's boring when I click on your link and there's nothing there! Like you're doing anything else over there in that palace of your's! Get on it mister!

Daniel said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a great time. Sierra is so CUTE!! We will have to catch up the next time we are in GA. It has been too long! Take care-Lisa

Rocketgirl said...

You haves a blog?? Sweet! Love the Britney Spears driving pic. I'm so sending that one into the National Enquirer, pronto!