Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My 1st Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We took Sierra to the pumpkin patch today, the same one I used to go to every year. She was hungry so she wasn't a happy camper but at least we got a cute one of her sort of. We even bought her a teeny tiny pumpkin. How cute.

So Cute!

I know I'm biased, but my daughter, our daughter, is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Her gummy little smile, her big fat cheeks. Oh, I just want to eat her up! She's delicious. True, she looks a bit like Urkel (M.C. Hammer last week, Urkle this week) with her pants jacked up, but come on, she's a baby for goodness sakes! What am I supposed to do, lowride her! I don't think so!
She started laying on her side in her sleep! Before we know it she's going to be rolling over and then...CRAWLING! Ok, it's a bit early for that but she'll get there soon enough. She's loving playing with her toys and LOVES the playyard her Aunt Bethany got for her. She grabs things and stares at everything. She's our developmental, adorable little Bug Bug! Don't you think so?!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stop! Hammer Time!

My baby looks like M.C. Hammer in these pants!
So I wanted to be all festive with Sierra's 1st holiday but they only had a 3-6 month pumpkin sweatsuit. The top is so cute, it has a jack-o-lantern face on it and the hoodie has a stem on the top, transforming her into a little pumpkin.

I did find this really cute onesie. She's my Itsy Bitsy Spider! I have these little pumpkin slippers too that match the outfit, but she hates having things on her feet so the shoes come off in .02 seconds every time. I think they look like temple slippers (but orange). The outfit as a whole is adorable but I don't really think orange is her color.

Maybe some day I'll have another kid that this outfit will fit better. I'll post another pic of her next week in the full ensemble.

I think she thinks her right side is her best side as you can see from the pose she's giving. Really it's just that a massive amount of drool is coming from her mouth and she wanted us to be sure to get it in the picture. She's adorable even when she's gross!
I have the most drooly baby ever, and she's not even teething. Heaven help us when that starts!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

We've Got a Talker on our Hands, Folks!

So Sierra started talking. It's been a few weeks since she's really been talking (since the beginning of October) but it hasn't been until today that I've been able to capture her on film. Check her out!

She is SO cute! She talks EVERYWHERE now! She talked to me (mandy) at the end of September one Sunday for like 45 minutes. I would make a sound and she would make a bunch of them, just like the video, but for 45 MINUTES! Amazing! Seriously, it was SO cool! The night we left for Florida she talked to Joe in a real converastion and imitated every sound he made, literally. He would say, "Oh, oh, oh", and she would say, "oh, oh, oh". He would say "Ah, ah", and she would say "Ah, ah". It was amazing. Today she woke up on her own and I found her talking to herself in her crib.

We have a baby mirror in the car so that we can see her and she can see us if we turn around and look in the mirror. It has a monkey on it. She'll stare up at Mr. Monkey and talk to him every time we are in the car too...

She is just a developmental machine! On Thursday she discovered her hands and it was amazing that I saw her looking at them. I was pumping gas looking at her through the back window and she was just staring, fascinated, at her hands. It was the first time I had ever seen her do that. Then yesterday she was out with Joe all day and he said she didn't stop looking at them all day.

Our little baby is growing up and it is so fun to watch, she's just SO cute. She fixes on things now and I don't know when that happened but it seemed like she was going to have eye problems because she was supposed to be looking at us and she wasn't and it was so frustrating. I would say, "Ok Sierra, look at me and I'll feed you", but that never worked. But sometime within the last month she's been fixing on things and looking at everything. She'll follow anything you hold in front of her face anywhere you move it, and today I layed her on the floor and walked behind her and she moved her head to look where I was going. She's so cool!

And just look at her. She's so soft and cuddly. I mean, how could you not love this face; those cheeks, those eyes, those chubby little legs. She looks like one of those wrinkley dogs. I love her!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So this weekend we took our first road trip with Sierra down to Florida to Joe's family's house in West Palm. Aaron, his really cool and really attractive (but definately not as attractive as my husband), fresh off the mission, really needs a girlfriend at BYU, younger brother just got off the mish from England. Joe hasn't seen him obviously in 2 years and I have never met him so we made the trip with 3 month old Sierra in tow. Let me tell you all about our little trip.
Well...we left last Friday morning REALLY, REALLY early at 2 a.m. We thought we were being smart in our planning because it's an 8 hour drive, we wanted to miss traffic, and we wanted to maximize Sierra's sleep time so we wouldn't have any surprises for our first time on the road with her. Why didn't we leave earlier do you ask? Well...I work all day long and Joe goes to school all day long so we needed to catch some zzz's before heading out.
Off we went at 2 a.m. By 6:30 a.m. we were barely into FL and we were stuck in killer traffic. This is how we passed the time...

We played with Sierra for a bit. She was supposed to be sleeping but I think the stop and go woke her up and she wasn't going to miss all the fun. Little did she know that we'd be sitting there looking at her for 2 hours. So what did we do besides look at how cute she is do you ask? Well...

We taught her how to drive of course. I think she's a pretty quite study because she was doing great in the stop and go traffic we were in for, did I mention, 2 HOURS! She has a hard time with the pedals but her steering skills aren't half bad ya know, for a 3 month old.

We FINALLY got to West Palm, 11 hours later, checked into the hotel and had no time to relax before we were on the go. Exhausted but on the go. Sierra met all sorts of people on our trip.

Great-Grandma Paula,

Her cousin Jayden (who tried to attack her) and her Aunt Dianna, her Uncle Aaron, and TONS of Grandma Leigh Ann and Grandpa Jim's friends. Aaron's Homecoming shindig was Sunday night so EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER was ooooing and aaahhhing over Sierra. It was really cute and for being passed around so much she did surprisingly well.

So the whole weekend we just hung out and played. We went to Brian's (Joe's youngest brother) band competition on Saturday night. We went to Clay and Marcie's house for dinner on Friday night and met that part of Joe's family. They are the nicest people and we had SO much fun down there. Nothing brings a family together like BBQ and chocolate cake. Mmmmm...chocolate!

On Saturday we went to the beach. Sierra's first time at the beach. We weren't there very long because I forgot her bathing suit (yes, she does have one!) and it was sorta windy for her so we went for a bit to watch Joe and Aaron battle the waves and then we left.

We had a really fun time on our trip. It was a short time to drive such a long way. Sierra was such a trooper. The ride home was a bit rough becuase it was during the day and she pooed her pants REALLY BAD on one leg and she didn't know it until we stopped at Chick-fil-A and took her out of the car. ALL UP HER BACK! She just LOVES overflowing her diaper. She's so silly.
But we made it back in one piece and maybe we'll make the trip again...some day.

Weekend at Bernies

My kid cracks me up! Maybe we are cruel and unusual people but I love, Love, LOVE dressing Sierra up to look sort of silly because she really can't do anything about it. She doesn't cry when I do it so I know deep down she likes it. She may hate the pictures when I show them to the first guy who wants to take her out but she'll get over it...in time.

HILARIOUS! Look at my cutie daughter just chillin. Her Grandma got her these cool shades before she was born and her little head has been too small to really wear until now. It's still too small but at least they stay on...sort of. She doesn't like them, but she doesn't not like them. She chills at them though and doesn't cry or fuss or anything with them on. But this picture is such a Weekend at Bernie's photo that I just couldn't resist. (gosh she's cute!)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Ideal Couple

So Joe and I are looking for that "ideal couple" who we can be friends with for the rest of our lives. Ya know, go on trips together, play games together (I mean come on, we have NO competition when it comes to playing spades), have our kids play together...ya know, the token couple who is as cool as us. People (ok, my parents) try to "fix us up" with people or suggest different couples however we haven't found anyone who we think is our kind of couple. How hard is it to find a couple where both of us like both of them and vice versa? IMPOSSIBLE apparently. We are pretty cool, or so we think. My husband LOVES to talk so maybe we need a quieter couple, or perhaps someone who is as verbose as he is. And I need another M.I.L.F. to hang out with, I mean, when I'm taking a walk with my kid, I need some more eye candy besides me and Sierra! =) LOL!

Does the perfect couple even exist? We've been dating some potentials however we haven't had any 2nd dates. Having a kid doesn't even hinder us ya know, it's not like she's a crazy face and scares people away or anything. Maybe we're just too picky. Well, we know what we like at least. So just in case anyone is reading this, this is our personals ad for the perfect couple:

SWHC seeks SWoWHC w/child
fun, adventurous, silly, talkative, gamey
love to travel, sports - play and watch
Cool W.House types please
Try anything once. LDS a plus
attractive required (yes, we are superficial)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pork Chop

She's all I talk about but OMG she's SO big! She's the cutest baby ever!

Work Sux!

So going back to work really sucks however I've found a few things that are actually pros:

1. I can catch up on my reading (mags, books, etc) while I sit for a cumulative of 1.5 hours as I produce and pack my mommy juice
2. I can keep up on my blog while I'm bored. I can't access the site but if I write my posting and then go home and actually post then maybe I won't get hate comments from Dug and Jessica anymore. =)
3. I drink more water while I'm at work because I'm so freakin' bored that going to the water cooler is actually a fun field trip from my desk

Yep, I think that's about it. I don't know why I thought the list would be long! I do actually do work at work...sometimes however sales is not rocket science and anyone who can go to work and actually work all day...wow...more power to ya. I am just so efficient that I'm finished by lunch and then really bored the rest of the day. Ok, that's not really it, it's that I get up so freakin' early that by lunch time I am about to crash. I get up at 5 or 5:30. depending on the day, and who wouldn't be tired by noon?! I long for the days where I would wake up to feed Sierra at 6am, go back to sleep, get up with her at 9am, switch on Kelly and Regis, and just chill with Sierra and eat breakfast. Gosh, being a stay at home must be really cool, but I must admit, I might get a little bored. I miss being able to work out everyday and getting enough sleep and not being totally busted at the end of the day. I mean, I did miss pay day every other Friday that's for sure but I think the cons far outweigh the pros. (and I hope my boss doesn't find this and read it)

Go Dawgs!

So it's football season and all I can say is...GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing better than SEC football. I know technically I should be a BYU fan considering I went there but let's fact it, I can't even be a fair weather fan to BYU. What can I say, loyalty obviously means nothing to me (when it comes to football anyway). Saturdays are sacred in our house. Joe settles in on the couch, I try to make his favorite game day food just right, and it's football all day long starting with GAME DAY on ESPN. The day usually includes watching games where we always root for the underdog, whoever it may be, but we always go for the SEC team no matter what. We make fun of the Big 10, I'm not really sure why, but it's overrated and that's all I have to say about that.

We've only lost once so far, and that was an embarrassment. We did however pull it out in OT to beat Alabama. Ha! Go Dawgs! We went to the 1st game of the season and we realized that we're not as young as we used to be. We sneak into the student section so we can actually cheer and be obnoxious and really enjoy the game and Joe, Dan, and I realized that we may not have it in us much longer. Oh my gosh, 4 hours of standing up, it does a number on your legs. I had a hard time this year and I was wearing flats. The past two years I have worn stilettos and 4 inch wedge heels and didn't complain once. I guess when you're trying to impress a boy with your long legs, tight booty, and stellar cheering skills it's fashion first and comfort ummm...last! My how marriage changes us. Ok, not that much however I would never wear heels to a UGA game ever again. Girls are so silly.

Anyway, so now we need LSU to lose to Florida this weekend so that everyone in the SEC will be on equal playing groud with one loss...well, Kentucky too. The suite at the Georgia Dome is calling my name and we will be there to watch UGA in the SEC championship for the 3rd year in a row (well the 3rd year in a row that we would be there to watch). Then on to the Chick-fil-A bowl baby. Oh how we love football season.