Monday, August 2, 2010

Dr. Seuss

Sierra is a little Dr. Suess fanatic since her birthday. Grandma Sue and Grampy got her a bunch of D.S. books so now she has the cuteness factor and the rhymes to go with it.
Her favorite is "Khaki the Hat" (Cat in the Hat). She swears that's his name and if you try to correct her, she gets really mad so...Khaki the Hat it is.
She just picked up this little number at the store with Daddy this week just to support her love of books.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Prima Ballarina

Sierra got all signed up for ballet this week and on Saturday we went to get her outfits for class. She has to wear a solid color leotard, pink tights and ballet slippers. She was adamant about having a purple leotard. She told me that from the day we signed her up until we got her clothes, 4 days worth of purple leotard talk. We ended up with two short sleeved leos; a purple one and a pink one as a back up. We came right home for a fashion show and Little Miss put on a show, with Daddy's help. Her first class is August 9 and her recital is in May so we'll keep you posted on her progress.

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Love me some Groupon

Groupon is the greatest website in the world! Seriously! All the fun things we do come from Groupon. Our latest success is 4-weeks of art class at Gymboree for Sierra. She just finished art class so we were looking for something else for her to do to get out of the house this summer so why not a month of art class. Coolness!

You had a birthday, shout HOORAY!

My little lady turned three two weeks ago! I can hardly believe it. Check out the festivities.
The first picture of Mommy and Sierra as a 3 yr old!
Cupcakes with the neighbor girls, mommy, daddy and Papa

Sierra looking for and collecting all her hidden presents

And the best gift award goes to...Papa! Hungry, Hungry Hippo was by far the favorite of the night. Way played it for an hour! Two-fisting it with Natalie was the best part of her day!
Her party was just 2 short days after her real birthday. It is more for Mandy to plan something fun and outrageous. Sierra would be happy with just about anything but bigger is better...right? When Mandy would ask Sierra what she wanted for her party, all she would say is Pizza and ice cream. They decided on a butterfly theme for the event and they were all ready to go on the big day, they just had to wait for Sierra's friends to arrive. Poor thing waited, and waited and wait. Sawyer and Hunter were the first to arrive and then craziness ensued. We got a moon bounce/slide combo (Mandy's idea) and it was super sweet. The kids LOVED it.

These kids couldn't get enough.
We had 11 kids, all of Sierra's favorite friends. When we asked here a few days later what her favorite part of the party was she said, "Andrew!". He's 6 and she thinks he is so cool.

She's only three and already after older men.
Happy Birthday Baby!