Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weekend at Bernies

My kid cracks me up! Maybe we are cruel and unusual people but I love, Love, LOVE dressing Sierra up to look sort of silly because she really can't do anything about it. She doesn't cry when I do it so I know deep down she likes it. She may hate the pictures when I show them to the first guy who wants to take her out but she'll get over it...in time.

HILARIOUS! Look at my cutie daughter just chillin. Her Grandma got her these cool shades before she was born and her little head has been too small to really wear until now. It's still too small but at least they stay on...sort of. She doesn't like them, but she doesn't not like them. She chills at them though and doesn't cry or fuss or anything with them on. But this picture is such a Weekend at Bernie's photo that I just couldn't resist. (gosh she's cute!)

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Doug & Jessica Anderson said...

That's just what parents get to do to their kids.... WHATEVER THEY WANT!... Thats cute that she lets you put sunglasses on her. I took Nixon to the mall one day and tried some sunglasses on him at the childrens place and he freaked out and started screaming cause he couldn't see me and thought it was so weird that there was something in front of his eyes. I guess I should of started him earlier. - Jess