Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This year was Sierra's first year that I took her out. Last year we just went to the Grandparent's houses but this year I wanted to tak her out in my Dad's neighborhood for a little fun. It was cold and rainy but we braved it anyway. She did two houses and then it was time to go back and play with Grandma Sue and Grampy.
The first house we went to was this cute little lady and Sierra was all about her. Went right up, got some candy and gave her a hug! The second house she was not so ok with. Really nice couple came to the door and ohhhhhed and ahhhhhed over her and called all their friends who were over to come out and see her. She was SO embarrassed so we headed home to play some more in the warm and out of the rain.This is what you get when you have fingerprints on the lens of your camera but she's still a 'Lil Cuteness!

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