Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Pumpkin

It took us 2 weeks to carve our little pumpkin friend after we brought him home from the store. It was a perfect Halloween Eve event at our house. Here's how you carve the perfect pumpkin.

1. First you have to plan just what the little guy is going to look like. We took out our marker and drew his pretty little face. It is essential to get Joe's approval before we proceed.

2. Tag Team with with the Hubs so that he can cut off the top. Precision is key here. Make sure you get all the little, hanging pumpkin fibers off the top section first.

3. Get all the GUTS out, but whatever you do, DO NOT SMELL IT!

4. Carve that bad boy up! Everyone gets equal
time with the pumpkin. Keep in mind that when
cutting on the lines you have to make sure that none of the lines stay so instead of cutting inside the lines, cut outside the lines.

5. Add a candle for effect. Place Outside.

6. Kiss the pumpkin goodnight.


SHANNA said...

MISS YOU GUYS!! looks like ya'll had a fun halloween.

The Sharp Family said...

Really cute! Loved the video!