Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Always one of my favorite times. I used to go to this Pumpkin Patch when I was a kid and I love taking Sierra. Joe dragged himself of his sick bed to come with us and we met my brother and his family and my parents there.
Gotta love these round little orange things. Sierra could have stayed here all day shopping for the perfect pumpkin. She's such a cute little nugget!

Si Si with Grandma and Papa

When picking out the perfect pumpkin it is imperative to get a good look and just get right in there with them, ya know. No thumping needed, just a little sitting to see if it's a good one. She picked out a winner!

Sierra is a big fan of her cousin Liam. She LOVES playing with him, following him around, and beating him up. See how happy she is! But it looks like she has "eyes" for him. I need to have a talk with that girl. That type of thing is definately illegal in GA.

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Bonnie said...

Such cute pictures!! And I LOVE LOVE the family photo at the top! Where did you take it, you guys are way to gorgeous!