Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2nd Annual Grand Hyatt Atlanta Sales Halloween Party

Last year was my first Halloween working at the Grand so I started office Halloween party. Motivated by wanting to show off how freakin' cute my kid is but also to have a little fun in the office. A few of us have kids so why not have them in the office. This year Anna Banana planned it (she's kid-less for now) and all the kiddies came in costume to have a little bit of fun.

Sierra made friends with 3 yr old Hannah. She's an entire year older than Sierra and my kid is just as tall. I have a monster on my hands. Gosh she's cute!

Cookie making was a big hit with them. She was more interested in the sprinkles and put her hand in the bowl every chance she had but she took the experience very, very seriously.
Next was the cake walk. Si didn't quite understand what she was supposed to do so this is what she came up with...what a funny nugget.

Last event of the day was the pinata. She loaded UP! She had a fabulous time. A little shy around the other kids so she didn't do a whole lot of talking, which is abnormal for her, but we had a great time and she was sporting a super cute look.

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Sean Gates said...

Okay, she is way too cute. And I think Joe is getting old having a girl that age!

Miss you guys!