Saturday, November 3, 2007


My mom is SO hilarious! We are lucky enough to have my parents (both sets) live nearby to us and my mom watches Sierra for us while Joe is at school and I am at work, which turns out to be ALOT of the time. I always wonder what they do all day and now I know. Apperantly they have more fun at Grandma's house than we originally thought.

This is Sierra, with a CREEPY, Chucky looking face, with my mom's doll from childhood, Candy Cane. (I'm actually surprised they aren't wearing matching outfits!
What makes this pictures so sick and wrong (in a good way Mom) is that she DID dress me up when I was a baby with Candy Cane and posed me with her. Believe me, this isn't the only picture I have like this. At least Sierra looks cute. I just have a "DUH" type look on my face but Sierra looks nuts! She is so cute though. She looks like such a big girl and like she's up to no good. (11 weeks)


Rocketgirl said...

I thank my lucky stars every day that I had my kid in the times of digital cameras. I'll bet you were looking much less creepy in that pic juuuuust before mom snapped it. Seriously, how many takes did it take before she got that pic of Sierra?? So cute!!

Sarah said...

Very cute! Love the pumpkin outfit too!