Friday, November 23, 2007


Sierra found her feet a few weeks ago and it is the cutest thing, just like everything else she does. She's usually not this grabby with her feet because she's usually way more into them when she doesn't have her pants on. Don't ask me why. She can even get them all the way up to her face and suck on her toes. She is such a sick-o but it is sort of cute, in a gross way. Who am I kidding? I used to suck on my toes I am sure. She drools alot, ALOT, as you can see from the pictures, so anything she can get in her mouth to gnaw on, she does. It is quite adorable until you realize she has a ball of spit in her hand ready to give to you, or until you realize that her outfit is completely drenched with saliva. She LOVES touching your face too so it's oh so nice after she's had her hands in her mouth and they are caked with spit and she decides to love your face. Like I said, what a little sick-o.

Check her out up close and personal.

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