Sunday, November 25, 2007


Our daughter is a freak, and we mean this in the most loving of ways. This week, we decided to by her one of the ever popular Bumbo seats, but the generic one, BeBe Pod. Supposedly it's supposed to help babies develop their back and neck muscles on their quest to sit erect. Sierra love, Love, LOVES to sit up, with our help of course. She gets bored just laying around looking at the lights and all the toys we hang in her face. She loves for us to lay by her and talk to her and play with her but we figured she could be a more intregal part of the family and participate in sitting up activities with us like eating dinner or cooking, ya know, stuff like that. So we got it for her and she liked it at first but she's not digging it, probably because she's crazy and can't sit in it right.

Here she is on Thanksgiving. She just sort of sits in it and then slouches to one side. Her butt goes one way and her shoulders go another. It's really funny. Today she reached for a toy on the bed while in her seat and she was completely hanging out of the chair but totally content just hanging there. So we'll see how she likes this chair for now. Hopefully it will help her on her journey of life, but really we just want her to sit up unassisted because she loves looking at the world and if the Bumbo can't help her then what can?


The Sharp Family said...

Cute Pics! I love reading your blog. Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I am sure Joe and Sierra made it a great one for you! Love ya, Lisa

Doug & Jessica Anderson said...

I just noticed today at Toys R Us that the bumbo got recalled.. Here's a link showing why and what happens.

Hope it comes in handy.

Rocketgirl said...

We broke a lot of rules with our baby in the floppy stage. We hadone of those fold-up boucy seats and put it everywhere - the table, kitchen counter, cliffs, whatever. We stopped putting her in it when she started floding herself in half and trying to flip herself out, but there were some good meals along the way!