Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Patriotic Pool Party

Continuing all day strong all day long we jumped to the Foye's for a little splish splash in the pool. Sierra loves her some pool...and some chips, cupcakes, hot dogs, and cake. Silly baby!

We got together with our posse to play. The Beavers, Foyes, and Hutchisons. Good times were had by all. (Don't check out my husband ladies!!!!!!)

Sierra scoped the place out before deciding on what to do first...
EAT! She found a "donut" (icing covered cookie) and went to down. When I chased her down to wipe her up she ran into a corner and stuffed the whole thing in her mouth.

Even Joe got smerf fever and had a bite of the blue. Those suckers were good! I can't resist them either.

Blue, strawberry cupcakes followed poolside and Sierra ate them right off the deck. Crazy baby.

I couldn't resist putting this on here. Look at these little cheeks!

The highlight of my day was doing snakes! I love these things, always have. Sierra thought they were pretty cool. Everyone else thought they were stupid. Love them!

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