Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Sierra!

Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday dear Me!
Happy Birthday to Me!

Sierra surprised me and woke up before I left for work so I snapped a few shots before heading out. I had put balloons in her room and in the living room and kitchen the while she slept so when she got up she just wanted to collect all her balloons and watch Blues Clues! (it's a treat to watch BC right when she wakes up because we don't like her to watch too much tv). So she curled up on the couch, gave me her best camera smile, and held tight to thos suckers!
Happy2nd Birthday Baby! We are in for a fun-filled day. Yeah for half days!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday Sierra! She's so special she gets 2 birthdays :)

Bonnie said...

Aww happy birthday!! so cute! and the old steve was so much better on blues clues! But I am very happy to be out of that stage!

SHANNA said...

wow!! what a sweet birthday girl!

ya'll had a very packed 4th of July weekend! wow- just reading it made me tired. looks like fun! we were old farts and stayed home! BORING!!