Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Playing Catch Up!

It has been a BUSY month! Wow, it has really flown by. So, nothing super exciting to write, But I just wanted to put up new pictures of the Bug. More to come because we are heading to Cancun tomorrow! YEA! Vacation! Beach! Sun! TAN!!!!! ...Oh the tan!
So check her out...again...!

Sierra LOVES to eat stuff that we do, or try it anyway, so we let her. Why not? She doesn't do rice cereal but she'll eat stewed tomatoes. She's so silly. She'll gnaw on it to get the juices and then she's not quite sure what to do with the rest.

Snow Day with Sierra. Her first Snow Angel (or is it Angle...I can never remember, yes I am retarded!)
And she wasn't too interested in snow, as you can see. She was trying to practice her upchuck reflex with a little help, yummy pine straw. She really did stick it all the way down her throat and gag.

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