Thursday, January 31, 2008

My 1st International Vacation!

We figured you'd want a blow by blow of our very first family vacation so here it is.

We hopped a plane in Atlanta for Cancun but there was some waiting before hand in the airport. Good thing we all LOVE food because that's what we did to pass the time - eat!

Then it was time to get on Sierra's very first airplane! How exciting! I was actually a little scared considering I didn't know how she was going to behave. She's super chill however I don't want to be "THAT LADY" whose child is screaming bloody murder on take off and landing. How terrible. She LOVED the airplane. The fact that she can stand up and smile at the people in the row behind her really made her go crazy! She was SO HAPPY about that. Someone to smile at her other than her parents and grandparents. What a treat. She loves strangers. Especially smiling ones. She did great though. Take off, landing, air pressure, didn't phase her at all. My ears bothered me more than they bothered her. She was all smiles the entire trip. She didn't even have a nap the entire day.

We got to Cancun and to our hotel with little incident, ok, there was one but we don't want to talk about it, and of course we devoured the entire room service menu when we got there. I think for the 4 of us (duh, my mom and step-dad traveled with us) we ordered 8 entrees. We are big fatties, but that's what you do at an all-inclusive resort...EAT!

The next couple of days were a blur. All we did was eat, Eat, EAT!!!

They had all kinds of great food there. I had pink grapefruit, bananas, oranges, nachos (yes, that's true), and anything else I could get my hands on. And trust me, I wanted to eat EVERYTHING. Daddy and Papa Ron LOVED the buffets and Mommy loved teh sugar french toast, but nothing is as healthy as the fruit I ate all week long. This is what I looked like every meal with all this food. A baby's paradise!

By the time we left I was stuffed, but in between meals I found time to do some other things.

I spent some quality time at the pool with my family. Don't worry, I put on alot of sunscreen so I didn't get a sunburn at all. So I showed off my bathing suit to everyone and everyone LOVED me! Perfect strangers wanted to hold me and love me and be my 'Auntie' and 'Grandma'. People are so silly. I was the talk of all the ladies at the resort though.

I learned how to swim too! It was awesome! I had my swim assistant so I could chill in the pool at not have anyone bother me. I look like I didn't enjoy it, but trust me, I did! I had so much fun. I don't know why I have such a weird look on my face. I am so silly. I would just kick my little feet and be lazy in the pool while everyone watched me. It was like being in a huge bath except it was a little colder than my bath, ok, a lot colder than my bath. I took a few dips without this thing and dunked myself underwater. Not to shabby for my first time.

I watched some cool shows and made some new friends while I was in Cancun as well. (check out that one dancers's like a ham...HUGE!)

Grandma really liked the show. I thought it was pretty sweet too. They changed their outfits like every time they did a new dance. They clucked like chickens sometimes too when they were excited. It doesn't look like I enjoyed myself, but I did!

I met these characters on my way to the beach. I wasn't even scared of them. They were on their way to a wedding. They throw fire!
And then...I FINALLY made to the beach. I had been to the beach in Florida before, twice, but I wasn't old enough to go on the sand and now I'm finally old enough! I'm big! Check me out, you better believe everyone on that beach was!

I had my sun tan lotion on, my sunglasses, and I was such a looker! I loved the feel of the sand on my toes...and my hands, the sun on my face. This is the life!
So, after all this fun we were exhausted. We had a great time and I can't wait until we can go again next year! Only 333 days until we leave!

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Rob, Shanna, and the Fabulous Five said...

sounds like you had so much fun. i'm ready for our beach trip now.