Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Little Fish

Sierra and I definatley don't spend enought time together so I decided to sign up for a 5-week swim class at the local aquatic center. Such a good idea! Every Saturady Sierra and I put on our "baby suits" and head to the pool bright and early for our 30 minute mommy-and-me class.

She was such a fish last year at the pool but she was only one and didn't know any better. Now that she's older she had been resistant to putting her face in the water and even having us wash her hair because she didn't like getting in on her face but I am proud to say that she is back to her old self.

I must say that she is the BEST student in the class and she does look killer (for a baby) is a baby suit.

The first week was sort of...interesting...and so freakin' cold, even I was shivering the entire time. Poor Si got out of the pool and her lips were blue for an hour. She was shaking so bad that I couldn't even get a good picture.

The first week she just got used to the water and by the end she was cool going under water but, look at her now!

She's a master kicker and look at that arm action. Her teacher says she's a natural.

And she even jumps in! She's awesome! And so cute!

Super fun, so glad we did it. She'll be our little water baby this summer.


Rocketgirl said...

Okay, your kid is officially cooler than ours in at least one area - Sierra is one heckuva kicker!! Solei only kicks if I chant it over and over and over. She IS definately adorable in a swimsuit, we'll have to have some swim parties this summer to have her teach Solei some tricks:)

Kellie said...

FUn swimming lessons, maybe I can join you on the next round.

Joe said...

haha, Mandy and Reva both spelled definitely with an a...