Friday, May 29, 2009

BBQ with the Boots

We had a super fun time with our buds the Boots last weekend. Here are the highlights:

They have 5 cutie kids so you can imagine with us and Sierra we had a full house. Sierra loves playing with them though, especially that handsome guy Oliver. He was a bit put out that Sierra insisted on driving on their date but she did and insisted that Sophia tag along as the chaperone.

He was trying to impress her all night. Everything he did was, "Sierra, watch me! Sierra, watch me!" I mean, look at this little stud. Who wouldn't want to watch him?

The girls had a great time playing together. Bubbles are their thing so they more than entertained themselves while the boys grilled up the burgers, and some really salty steak.

Post dinner we had some ice cream fun! Yuuuuuuummy!

We love the Boots!

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SHANNA said...

we love you too! that was so much fun. you will have to send me those pictures. ollie is still talking about sierra! a match made in heaven.