Friday, April 10, 2009

Preparing for Easter

So last weekend there was an Easter egg hunt in my Dada's neighborhood so we packed up our little rabbit and headed for the hunt. (compliments of my mom. Yet again my baby looks nuts)

When we got there Sierra didn't quite know what to make of it. Eggs as far as the eye could see and she had no idea why. There was pink tape to designate the different age level "hunting" locations and Sierra was so confused. She did a fabulous job with the basket though. Usually if she doesn't know what something is for she just drops it. There was a fair amount of throwing of the basket but we got her to hang on to it long enough to find out what she was to put in it.
Off she went and after a little coaching she was off and ready for the hunt. Her special pink sunglasses were a big help too! Doesn't she look so stealthy!? She's SO cool! It didn't take long for her to load up her basket however after putting 4 or 5 eggs in her basket she wanted to know what was inside the eggs. She could shake the little suckers but once she figured out there was candy inside it was all downhill from there. The eggs didn't go in the basket anymore.

She had such a great time and was so successful in the hunt that she rewarded herself. She's so silly.

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sweet! thanks for posting...