Monday, April 13, 2009


I recieved this picture today and a call from my husband. He locked Sierra in the car! We didnt' have a spare key and this the picture he took of her from the outside.
Our poor little prisioner!
Thank goodness my husband took my advice (for once) and called 911 (non-emergency of course) to pop the lock. Now the nice fire men at Station 21 are going to get treats from us for bailing out my baby for free.


Becca said...

HAHA! Your kid is the most easy going kid EVER! Seriously. I love her to pieces, she is the most adorable little booger ever! And good on Joe for taking your advice! Men don't do it enough! =)

SHANNA said...

you know if you would have done that it would have been a different story! that is so funny. she looks perfectly content.

Dad/Papa/Ron said...

She is a cutie!!!