Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Peek-A-Boo! I See You!

Oh what fun we have with Daddy! Our little girl is hilarious!


Rob, Shanna, and the Fabulous Five said...

so cute!! annelies got a kick out of her eye peeking out of the bag. kinda creepy!!

Paul and Sarah said...

Where are your pictures from Mexico?!

peachlas said...

Very cute!!!! Particularly the chip bag photos. Hope they are baked, "all natural" chips. :-)Sierra is a sweet and happy baby, you can tell.
We love you guys and actually this is blog is a fun idea. Now that it is saved in favorites maybe we'll think to check it more often. Still have to save it on the desktop favorites at home. We'll show it to Gramma Alma when we are up there too and I'm sure she will love it also.
Mom (& Dad) Smith

Penny said...

here you guys are!

that eyeball picture is so cute! you are so lucky you've gotten to take sierra swimming, i cant wait to get jones in a pool.

that post about finding an ideal couple was hilarious. i totally feel your pain. its a common topic in our house