Thursday, December 6, 2007

Snow Bunny

I know my kid is cute (admit it! She's cute) but I never new just HOW cute she actually is until I found this hat for her! Oh my gosh! She's so cute! We leave so very early in the morning and her bald little head just needed some cover so I finally found a hat that was big enough for her HUGE head. She had a cute cap, knit-thinger but she outgrew it and all the little baby 0-9 month one size fits all (yeah right) didn't fit her. So I FINALLY found this hat and for the first time her little head is cute. I mean, she looks like a real girl instead of a bald-headed (really cute) baby..."girl, right?", people say to me. She is so delicious! I could just eat her up!


lizisbetterthanjoe said...

She's super cute bald, Mandy ! (or Joe, whoever writes these. i'm assuming both??) She has the Smith's bighead for sure, but your cute nose, Mandy... sooooooo there's still hope lol. j/k I can't wait to see you guys again!!

lizisbetterthanjoe said...

oh, and this is your cousin, Lizzy if you guys didn't figure it out... I signed up on here to leave you comments