Sunday, December 30, 2007

Baby's 1st Christmas

So Sierra is only five and a half months old so Christmas wasn't that exciting for her. It was more exciting for me because I got to open all her presents! I LOVED it! I think baby toys are so fun! The best part of the holiday was (and I know I'm supposed to say family) that I was off work for a whole week and it was GREAT! I loved hanging out with Joe and his family and Sierra and I FINALLY got to read the final Harry Potter book! I have not read one of them, I usually listen to them on CD (yes, I am lazy!), but I read it and I loved it!

So here are some holiday highlights...

We went to Florida for the holiday. Really wanted to get in the Christmas spirit so we though 90 degree weather would do the trick. ;)

We went to the beach twice, Sierra's 2nd and 3rd visit. She wore her pretty little white sun dress, her pink bathing suit, pink crocs and darling bonnet. She was so cute and dressed to impress!

We hung out and watched the boys play in the surf.

We love sporting our sun glasses.

She didn't go in the water this trip or even get in the sun that much (yes, she has an overprotective mother) but I don't want her in the sun with such fragile skin. She's just too precious to burn. We did get her into the arms of her extremely handsome daddy by the water though. Maybe next trip she'll actually go in.

After such a hard time at the beach and playing with her 3 uncles, 1 aunt, and 2 cousins, she was wiped (like every day) so she would stretch out 3 times a day just to take a little snooze to rejuvenate. Gosh she's cute!

She had a great time with Jayden who, once again, wanted to touch her at every opportunity. She would reach her hands out and grab Sierra's face and ears and just about anything she could get her hands on, in a good way, but still, they haven't learned how to play nice yet. But they sure are cute. Jayden is 10 months and I think Sierra could take her...their size differential is minimal, anyway.

The main event in Florida was Christmas, Sierra's very first. As my family tradition goes, Santa leaves our stockings by our beds in the morning, so when Sierra woke up on Christmas morning she had her very first stocking propped by her bed. And yes, I made myself, Sierra, and Joe stockings with the instructional help of my mom, but I sewed those suckers all by myself and I am SO proud, enough of that. Sierra loved it, as you can see.

She wasn't too into her presents, but I was! I loved opening her presents! She got some GREAT stuff! She did however, LOVE the wrapping paper, with our baby you could give her anything and it would end up in her mouth, just like this poor stocking that Grandma Paula made for her. (don't worry, I'll get some wrapping paper action shots up here soon) .

Ms. Pat got her a barking, singing dog that she goes crazy for. I think this toy is the one that will make her crawl because when it goes off and she's laying on her stomach, she'll kick and push her feet and move like a millimeter because she just gets so excited!

We had a great time in Florida, but after 5 days we were ready to come home. We got to celebrate all over again with my family. Pictures from that to come...they are good!

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