Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Big Sky Vacation - Part II

The last day of our vacation we decided to relax on the sking and go for a leisurely stroll to Osula Falls. 1.8 miles there and back of switch backs, icy patches, falls on our bum, beautiful views and frozen falls. It was awesome.
(just warning you that the commentary sucks but the pictures are cool.)

Sierra and I walked most of the way together. It was steep and icy in places and she just wasn't a fan of the long walk.

Near the beginning of the trail Si Si took a breather to enjoy the scenic...rocks. She was all decked out in her warm gear. It was about 40 degrees and trekking all over the place made it a bit warmer. She did a great job walking with her Mommy but let's be serious, we carried her almost the entire way.

It was beatiful and we took TONS of pics so here are the highlights:.

Joe's brothers, Aaron and Brian, came up from Provo for the weekend so they were with us. Good times.

This isn't Ousla Falls however it was the coolest thing that we saw on the hike. Isn't that amazing!?!?!

You could walk all the way inside of it and it was just completely frozen. The boys took a look inside while Sierra and I enjoyed the scenic views. We ventured over after we realized it was completely safe and we took a look inside.

Sierra didn't really know what to make of it other that is was really cold and SO COOL, can you tell from the look on her face?

Our little Tree Hugger. So cutie!

Here are my attempts at a photography career. Everything was just so beautiful. Snow everywhere you looked and everything was just covered.

Can you see Brian and Aaron on the bridge?

Sierra stopped along the trail for a breather. Walking on those short, little legs is such hard work! Thankfully, her Uncle Aaron was there to lend a hand.

Joe helped along the way as well. Cutest little picture of my better halves trekking along the trail.

When we were finally ALMOST over with the walk, Si Si stopped to strike a pose. This is her new smile...yikes!

Where are pics of Osula Falls do you ask...yeah, when we got to the top it was a frozen mess and not nearly as cool as we were hoping. Good thing we saw the other frozen cascade or we would have had fun but been disappointed.

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