Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally! See! It's True! She crawls!

Newsflash! I'm a full-time working mom and I just don't have all the time in the world to work on my blog, even though I'd like to. So, I apologize for the delay in putting all this exciting stuff on here. Sierra is totally mobile. She's a crawl-o-manic, but only when she's wearing long pants. Our rug and wood floors aren't the kindest on her little knees but she's doing just fine. I doubt walking is in the near future, I mean, come on, we are just getting her used to crawling. She stays pretty much to just a few places. Our shower is her favorite. Any time she's in our room she'll beeline for the shower. She is SO weird! She's not really into following us all around yet. Anywhere she sees a remote control or cell phone she'll go but it's pretty much living room only. Rarely do we find her far from her comfort zone.

This video is from May 4, the day she actually started crawling. She shuffled/scooted, whatever you want to call it the day before just a few millimeters and now all of a sudden she is off! She was rather slow at first. It took her until the 5th of May to be able to get to the crawling position without pushing off from anything. She had to have some pressure on those feet to get into position but on Cinco de Mayo she figured out how to work her little abs enough to pull those legs in all my herself.

I'll have to post some more of the Little Miss on the move in all her glory - Fast and Focused. Her new thing is crawling with one knee and pushing off with a foot instead of a knee. I'm telling you, the floor hurts her knees so if she doesn't have to crawl she wouldn't. They get so red, poor thing. More to come. (Happy now Reva? She crawls!) =)

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Rocketgirl said...

AWW!!! She's so focusd and thoughtful about it!! It did break my heart to see how scratched up Solei's legs got when she crawled, until I found out about babylegs ( - I made some of my own bout of some long socks I'd had for me, but the real kind stay on better. It did save her poor knees though!
And there is SO much stuff to have guilt about - like how your kid can't drive yet, or how all that sand she ate is going to turn her into a crab - the LAST thing on your guilt list should be your blog. You should find all those snarky people who mock you for not posting so much and punch them in the nose. I'm pretty sure Floyd was doing it earlier... ;)