Thursday, August 9, 2007

Swaddle Freak

So our little girl is the most darling thing I have ever seen! She's crazy, if I haven't mentioned that already, but she's is so darling. For someone who is only 3 weeks old she has tons of personality. We are getting to know her newborn likes and dislikes, some which she made very appearant from the beginning. She LOVES to be awake. For the first few days of her life all she would do is lay around and look at us all day long. She wouldn't sleep or cry, she would just stare out into space with her big blue eyes. (very abnormal of a newborn we thought). The fact that she was always awake surprised us because we thought newbies were supposed to sleep ALL DAY LONG. But she never cried so we didn't freak out about it.

We heard swaddling was the key to life with new babies. As you can see, we weren't that great at it...

But that's ok because she hated it! She always, always, always, gets out of her blankets. It's SO HILARIOUS to watch. It's like a crazy person trying to get out of a straight jacket. She'll wiggle and grunt (eh, eh, eh, eh) until she is free with her hands and then she'll work to get her feet free from the blanket and from her socks also. I don't know what it is with her but she hated having the socks on her hands (so she wouldn't scratch her face) and hates having socks on her feet. I don't know how she does it, but she goes into the blanket with them on and out she comes with them off!

She is getting used to being swaddled now because she's discovered that in the middle of the night when the air conditioner comes on and she's all uncovered that she gets REALLY cold so she likes it a bit more now however at first it was the worst thing on earth that you could do to her. She just wanted to be free. I mean, she had been squashed for 9 months so it's understandable.

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